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The Houseplant Blog

  • How to Repot Houseplants

    How to Repot Houseplants

    Houseplants will often outgrow their pots. Once the roots start circling the container, it is most likely time to give your plant a new home. This will allow the plant to continue growing. If you want to keep the plant...

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  • The Ficus Lyrata

    The Ficus Lyrata

    Also known as the Fiddle leaf fig, this plant is one of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants. Having large leaves that enhance any space, the Ficus Lyrata is a popular houseplant around the world. This plant even gained the...

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  • How toxic are plants?

    How toxic are plants?

    Plants naturally give off a natural toxin to protect itself against getting eaten. It not uncommon for plants to have toxins on its leaves. A natural chemical process the plant goes through creates these metabolites to fend off animals or...

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  • The perfect low light plant

    The perfect low light plant

    Plants need light to survive, period.  The good news is that we have plants that can thrive in low light environments. Do you live in an apartment with little natural light, live on the basement level, or have a room in...

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  • Plants for beginner growers

    Plants for beginner growers

    Easy to Maintain Plants for Beginners If you are new to gardening the plants listed below will suit you. All of them are easy to care for and are available on our website. Sansaveria (Snake Plant): Caring for Snake Plants is very...

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  • 6" Potted Plants now available!

    6" Potted Plants now available!

    With over 50+ species of 4" potted plants available, House Plant Shop is now offering 6" potted plants.  Our large variety of houseplants come in all shapes and sizes. Some poisonous to pets and some pet-friendly. Some bushy and strong...

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  • We've partnered with House Plant Box

    We've partnered with House Plant Box

    We've partnered with House Plant Box! Its a custom crafted house plant box shipped monthly to subscribers. Every month in-season houseplants are chosen from our greenhouses to be delivered to customers.  Some months will include random surprises in the boxes. Accessories like...

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