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ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temperatures below 50°F | FREE Shipping on all Orders!
ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temps. below 50°F | FREE Shipping on all Orders!
Trimming Houseplants

Trimming Houseplants

To help your houseplant thrive, it's important to give them a trimming once in a while. Removing unnecessary and dead/dying leaves from your plant helps promote growth and deter mold and pests. Getting rid of the browning or yellowing leaves will send positive energy to the other leaves and promote healthier growth!



To start, we recommend using scissors or pruning shears. 


Locate the yellowing or brown leaves and gently cut the leaf near the base. If the tips of the leaves are browning or yellowing, simply cut the end of those leaves.




Be careful not to remove too many leaves. This will cause damage to the plant and we recommend staging the pruning. Don't prune more than 20% of the plant during each session.


Have any questions, contact us.

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