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Please don't forget to add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION to your orders if average daytime temps drop below 45°F
PSA: Add WINTER SHIPPING PROTECTION to your orders if average daytime temps drop below 45°F

Over 11 Boxes to Choose From

Plants come in all shapes and sizes so to make it easy, we have created over 11 different boxes with different plant arrangements.

Guaranteed Healthy Plants

We guarantee that what you receive will be fresh and healthy. If you receive a plant that has arrived damaged, please email us at and we will have a replacement out your way.

Get a Dose of Plant-Happiness Delivered Every Month.

A fresh plant directly from the greenhouse is delivered to you in a simple monthly box. This is the perfect gift for yourself and others. Each box includes a detailed care guide to help you care for your new friend.


Chelsea D.

When I learned that monthly plant subscriptions exist, I immediately subscribed to houseplantbox. I read the reviews and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but my first plant arrived today (just 5 days after placing my order) and I’m thrilled. My baby’s tears plant shipped quickly, was well packaged and had zero damage. The plant was well watered and is full and healthy. I’m super pleased so far and I’m looking forward to many more months of plants.

Sarah K.

We gifted this subscription to my Mother in law as a Mother's Day Gift. She has always been a plant lover, but she said this was the coolest gift she has ever gotten. She loved the surprise element as well as the uniqueness of the plants themselves. We did have a small issue when the subscription auto-renewed (even though we had selected for it not to renew after the 3 months), but the seller was amazing to refund the 2nd subscription when we reached out to them. Was very pleased with this purchase and interaction!

Katie M.

I love plants and really want to start a collection this year. My biggest issue is that I own 7 dogs and a cat. Well this box is perfect because they offer pet friendly boxes! My first plant did take a while to ship but that it is because unlike other boxes they only ship a certain time of the month. I was fine with waiting. The plant arrived well packages and safe and looks great. I think the price is super fair and about on par with what I would pay at my cheap local nursery that I often buy from too. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a new plant and doesn’t need it right now. I’ll probably sign up for another option and gift a few boxes for upcoming birthdays because it’s an awesome gift.

Peek into this Month's Box!

Visit us every first week of the month to peek whats inside this month's box!

Frequently Asked Question

No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.

The membership that you control.

Plants are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in great condition. All plants include a 30-day guarantee in the event it arrives damaged and does not survive. If you have any issues with your subscription plant please email us.