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30 Day Guarantee on all Live Plants: 
If your plant ever arrives in bad condition as a result of a rough shipping journey, send us a photo to our email over at and we are always happy to issue a replacement or a refund. If the plant you need replaced is out of stock, we are always happy to issue a different plant of your choice of a similar value.   

Replacement policy:
If we send out a replacement for a live plant and the replacement plant arrives damaged from shipping as well, we will have to issue a refund for the initial order immediately.

We don't accept returns on Live Plants: 
Please note we only accept returns on plant accessories or non-perishable items. Plants don't do too well on a second shipping trip so if the plant were to be shipped back to us, it would arrive in worse condition than it arrived to the customer. 

Partial Refunds on plants: 
If the customer receives a plant they are not satisfied with but the plant is still able to thrive in its condition, we are able to issue a refund of up to 50% of the original price. 

Address Changes: 
Each customer will have 24-48 hours to notify us of an address change, if the item has already been shipped we are not able to issue an address change after the tracking information is updated. It is best to email us at if this is doable after the 48 hours as there are times that orders are not shipped within this time frame. 

Refunds to payment method only: 
Please note we may only issue a refund to the payment method the customer has used. If the customer uses a gift card or pre-paid card, the refund may only return to that card.

Types of damage to live plants that can be saved: 
If the plant arrives slightly damaged or limp, this may be a result of the plant being deprived of light and water. From our experience, many plants can be brought back to complete health after a few days of routine waterings and care. It is always best to send us a photo as we can assist you on this process. 

Why does my plant not look like the listing photo? 
One thing to note is that no two plants are the same and plants may arrive with slightly more of less abundance of leaves. Some plants may arrive bushier or taller depending on the way this plant is grown. If the plant is drastically different than the listing photo or completely underwhelming, send us a photo over to and we are happy to issue a partial, full refund, or a replacement depending on the case.