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Winter Houseplant Care

Winter Houseplant Care

Did you know that Houseplants help Seasonal Depression Disorder? The small sometimes large living houseplant can keep you smiling all winter long.

Just like humans, houseplants are also affected by outdoor weather changes so here are some tips and tricks to care for your plant when winter rolls around.



Houseplants are Dormant from Nov-Feb

When the sun sets earlier and it's gloomier out, your houseplants feel lazier too. Houseplants are dormant between November and February and don't need water as often. Between waterings allow the soil to completely dry out or the soaked soil can lead to root rot. 


Give them Light

In the winter, it feels like the sun is around for only a few hours a day because it sets earlier and is lower in the sky. Because of this be sure to keep plants that like alot of light closer to the window that gets light. Having it to dark for some plants can cause your plants to lean toward the window. To avoid this, make sure to rotate the plant throughout the week so the plant straightens out.


Artificial Light 

Consider supplemental lighting during darker days or when there are long stretches of gloomy days without much sunlight. Keep the lamp around 1-3 feet away from the plant with ideally a white light. 


 Keep Warm

Keep your houseplants away from open windows and front doors. They are sensitive to extreme cold and hot so we recommend putting them on the windowsill or kitchen countertop. Keep plants away from heating units and radiators as well as they can stress out the houseplants. 


Leaf Loss

Did you know that its normal for plants to lose their leaves in the winter? It does this to compensate for the lack of light during the winter months. 



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