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Plant Care

  • Maranta Care

    Maranta Care

    It's easy to grow, has fun foliage, and is a hardy indoor plant, ensuring you can be pretty successful with it! Prayer plant is a low, spreading plant that's often grown in hanging baskets, but will also grow horizontally along a tabletop or other surface.
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  • Monstera Care

    Monstera Care

    Monstera plants are known for their leaf hole formations. It is said these holes allow the plant to capture sunlight more dependably while on the forest floor. Monsteras are low maintenance plants with beautiful foliage, making then a wonderful addition in every home. 
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  • Nematanthus Care

    Nematanthus Care

    This vine is a member of the Coffee family, although it bears no resemblance at all. It will grow in full to partial sun. It does well indoors and out, and can grow to 15 feet as long as it is supported well.
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  • Nettle Care

    Nettle Care

    Baby's Tear houseplants are easy to grow (hardy) and pet-friendly. This quick growing houseplant goes well in a large range of environments.
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  • Pachira Braid 'Money Tree' Care

    Pachira Braid 'Money Tree' Care

    Pachira Braid Money Tree plants rarely need to be pruned and they are hardy plants that can live for years. They need to be watered every time the soil dries out and have some partial sunlight during the day.
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  • Palm Care

    Palm Care

    Palm plants are ideal houseplants because they grow very slowly and thrive in low light and cramped spaces. They are also an excellent air purifier.
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  • Peperomia Care

    Peperomia Care

    The Peperomia is a perennial epiphyte native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. Peperomia plants are  excellent air purifiers. They are very easy to care for and require similar care habits to most succulents making them a great addition to any desk or shelf.
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  • Philodendron Care

    Philodendron Care

    There are two types of philodendron plants the vining plants and the non climbing plants. The vining philodendron will look and grow similarly to a pothos plant. Although they look similar philodendron plants have heart shaped leaves while pothos have larger, thicker and waxier leaves. Philodendrons are fast growing and easy plants, making them an excellent choice for your home.
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  • Pilea Care

    Pilea Care

    The Pilea hasn't been a houseplant for very long. In the 1940s, the plant was brought to Norway by a Norwegian missionary who was living in China. The plant slowly spread through people sharing its pups, and within the last few years, it has made its way here to the States. It is quick and easy to propagate it's a great plant for all types of rooms, kitchens, and offices.
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  • Pothos Care

    Pothos Care

    Pothos plants are easy to care for and they thrive in a large range of environments. Pothos are the perfect plants for people too busy for houseplants. With a trailing, vine-like habit, attractive heart-shaped leaves, an ability to help purify the air and to thrive in low light and humidity while withstanding neglect for long periods of time.
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  • Schefflera Care

    Schefflera Care

    Scheffleras are a flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to Taiwan as well as Hainan. Its common name is dwarf umbrella tree, as it appears to be a smaller version of the umbrella tree.
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  • Snake Plant Care

    Snake Plant Care

    Sansevieria, more commonly known as Snake plants or Mother-in-law's tongue, has become extremely popular due to their hardiness and a striking appearance. These plants can put up with almost anything! Even those without a green thumb will find these plants easy to care for. They can make great houseplants and act as air purifiers to improve the air quality in your home.
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