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40% OFF ORDERS OVER $60! | ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temps. below 50°F | FREE Shipping on all Orders!

Plant Care

  • Spider Plant Care

    Spider Plant Care

    The Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions and suffers from a few problems, other than brown tips. The Spider plant is so named because of its spider-like leaves, or spiderettes, which dangle down from the mother plant like spiders on a web. Available in green or variegated varieties, these spiderettes often start out as small white flowers.
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  • Stromanthe Care

    Stromanthe Care

    The Stromanthe is a heavily variegated tropical plant native to Brazil. The plant's leaves can be variegated in shades of red, white, pink, and green with a purple underside. The Stromanthe is in the same family as the Prayer plant as its leaves will fold up in low light. Learning how to grow a Stromanthe is not complicated, but you must commit to providing regular humidity.
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  • Syngonium (Arrowhead Plant) Care

    Syngonium (Arrowhead Plant) Care

    Syngonium 'Arrowhead Plant' is native to the tropical rain forests in Central and South America. These plants are usually bushy and are great plants for places with low light. Some varieties have a tendency to grow up structures because of the strong vines these plants develop. 
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  • Tradescantia Care

    Tradescantia Care

    As a houseplant, it's loved for its no-fuss nature. Because it's a relatively low maintenance plant, the Tradescantia plant is perfect for many homes and apartments.
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  • Yucca Care

    Yucca elephantipes, also known as Yucca guatemalensis, spineless Yucca or giant Yucca, is a large succulent that grows in U.S. It is also widely grown as a houseplant in other areas. The Yucca tree has several long, green, sword-shaped leaves sticking out from the top of a brown multi stemmed trunk. Indoors the yucca trees get up to 10 feet tall, and outdoor specimens reach up to 30 feet.
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  • Our Seeds

    Our Seeds

    We are now offering select vegetable and fruit seeds! With options for both spring and fall seeds, our seed collection will keep you busy (and fed) year round! All of our seeds were carefully selected and they are GMO certified....

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  • Kokedama Ball Care Guide

    Kokedama Ball Care Guide

    Kokedama balls are created using a clay rich soil blend that is covered with moss to help maintain its shape/ act as its case. All the elements used to make Kokedama balls are natural and organic matters. When caring for Kokedama ball plants you’ll need to consider its case- the moss, as well as the plant itself.
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  • Alocasia Care

    Alocasia Care

    The Alocasia Polly also known as the African Mask or Elephant Ear is all about the unusual and unique alien looking leaves. The Alocasia Polly is a unique houseplant but beware that it is on the harder side to care for.
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  • Anthurium Care

    Anthurium Care

    These exotic houseplants have glossy heart-shaped leaves with a beautiful bloom that comes in pink, red, purple, or white. They can bloom all year long with enough light and water. The Anthurium originated in the South American rain forest so they thrive in high-humidity environments with a decent amount of shade.
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