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FREE Shipping on all orders!
A Guide on: How to choose Planter according to your style.

A Guide on: How to choose Planter according to your style.

For the Free spirited Bohemian

The handmade aspect of our Almanac & Macrame Hanger will surely win the hearts of free spirited Bohemian plarents. While most use Macrame for hanging plants, it can also be used with cactus and succulents. 

Shop now: Macrame Hanger

For the Chic ones

These plarents are religious about their style so you better get or give planters that match their aesthetic, or be ready to never see your gift being used. 

Shop now: Fem Rosa Pot

Shop now: Sao Planter

For the Edgy Artist

While they see art, you see......well...something? The Edgy Artist plarents love planters that are unique and intricate, just like them.

For the Naturalist

This ones for the Naturalist, these plarents are naturally drawn towards earthy tones and textures. They love simple things that are designed well. 
Shop now: Woven Basket
Shop now: Brick Mould Hanger
Shop now: Terra Cota Planter

For the Peter Pans

I like to believe that this is all of us? Maybe? These planters make the perfect little gift, bringing joy and smile to anyone who sees.
Buy now or save this guide for later- after all, the holiday seasons are almost upon us!
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