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10 Houseplant Instagrams to Follow Right Now

10 Houseplant Instagrams to Follow Right Now

You know how the plant addiction starts- you buy one pretty plant that instantly makes your cozy corner look exponentially better. Then you have to buy another, maybe a vining pothos to dress up your bookshelf or a small succulent for your desk. Oddly enough, your Instagram feed might start to feel the same way. Once you start following one plant account, you kind of want more in your feed. Here’s a few accounts to get you started and inspired (or maybe enabled) to keep your plant addiction growing.


1. @houseplantlovers This page is the perfect one to start with! It’s got memes, décor ideas, pets and plants, and just overall good vibes.
    2. @plantssparkjoy If you like that first account, you’ll love this one. Don’t let the name fool you- they definitely take the “more is more” approach to houseplants!
    3. @thejungleupstairs This page is run by New Yorkers, Ciara and Molly who are documenting their growing urban jungle! It’s a great account for anyone who keeps adding plants to their cozy, city apartments.

    4. @plantdaddypodcast Matthew and Stephen share a horticultural podcast about various plants they find and how to care for them! It’ll give you great ideas for your next plants and help you develop your green thumb.

    5. @jnaydaily Janea Brown posts all things stylish. She has great home décor and fashions, but the backdrop of everything she shares is of course, beautiful plants!

    6. @helloplantlover For all the reasons you love following these other plant pages, you’ll also love hello plant lover! That, and the fact that they run consistent plant giveaways, you just might get lucky and win one for yourself.

    7. @planty_hoes From their witty name to the relateable af plant parent memes, this page will add some humor to your feed. You’ll probably be tagging your fellow plant lovers in A LOT of their posts!

    @dorringtonr Dorrington claims in his bio that he’s just a guy with an iPhone, but he has an artful eye and a pretty space. Follow him for some gorgeous display ideas, and an occasional featured craft cocktail!

    @eargardn Bri is a plant stylist and set designer, and her professional finesse spills into her personal space. Her colorful home and abundance of plants set the tone for an Instagram page you are sure to be inspired by!

    10. @houseplantshop Once you get inspired by these pages, you’re gonna want to add another plant (or 3) to your space. Shop for them all on your favorite houseplant website and have them delivered to your door while you keep scrolling!

    Got some house plants you’d like to share? Tag us and use the hashtag #houseplantshop for a chance to get featured.  


    I’m Ashley Catharine, and I am a writer and stylist based in Southern California. You can learn more about me here.

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