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Houseplants that Thrive in the Dark.

Houseplants that Thrive in the Dark.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already as crazy about plants as we are. And who wouldn’t want to cram those beauty into every little corner of their homes? Not us, but we figured it could be you too, so heres a quick guide on which plants to get for your bathroom, sad corner that looks empty but has no windows, basement/attic space and more!

Before we dive in, a quick biology 101 on how/why these plants survive in the dark whilst others don’t- in the tropics the taller plants or plants with big leaves often shade the plants below them, so some plants have learned to thrive in the dark. Not only that- most of these dark loving plants are coated in waxy seal (that we all love because who doesn’t want shiny leaves?) that helps them retain moisture for longer periods of time- so you will not need to water them as often as your other light loving houseplants. Ok, thats all the science stuff; now here are some plants you can incorporate into your dark space without worrying about lack of lighting. 


Peace Lily

This beautiful plant keeps on giving, not only are they gorgeous to look at with their lush dark green leaves and ivory white lilies, they are also really good at purifying the air around you. Unlike most dark loving houseplant, Peace lily enjoys drinking (water, not CVS boxed wine) so make sure that you are giving it enough water. They are quite expressive plants, so if your plant is thirsty- you’ll know because the leaves will droop a little. Place this beauty some where really dark or somewhere really bright, she’s not picky! 

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Maranta leuconeura

Not a fan of dark plants in dark spaces? Well, haaavveee you met (please don’t sue us) Maranta leuconeura aka prayer plant? This vibrant plant loves the dark but also moisture, so make sure you’re misting your prayer plant. Quick note- just like Anthurium, they can burn/lose their vibrancy in direct sunlight. 


Zz Plant

Yes, they are poisonous to both pets and humans so if you have furry friends, skip on this one and as for humans, just don’t rub it all over your body. And no, they do not cause cancer, they are even used medically in some parts of the world! So, if you don’t have a furry friend and promise to not incorporate zz’s in your beauty routine, definitely consider this beauty! Not only do they thrive in the dark, they are super low maintenance!

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Remember what we wrote earlier about how some plants have adapted to their environment due to larger plants shading them? Philodendron is one of plant were talking about. This beauty also boosts that gorgeous waxy seal but don’t be fooled, they still love moisture so make sure that you’re misting or giving your plant pebble tray steam every once in a while. 


Spider plant

Trust us when we say that Spider plants are excellent air purifiers and toxin removers, even Nasa agrees (Dyson who?). This beauty is pretty low maintenance and their most common/ biggest issue is brown tips- which you can just trim off. 

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Enjoy decorating (or rearranging!) 

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