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FREE Shipping On All Orders!

Rare Plants

Looking for something a bit more one-of-a-kind? Take a look at our Rare Plants Collection to find some elusive beauties.

  • $29.99

    Syngonium 'Ice Frost'

    Botanical Name: Syngonium macrophyllum "ice frost" Common Names: Ice Frost Description: Syngonium macrophyllum is just one species in the syng...

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  • $39.99

    Syngonium 'Albo Variegata'

    Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum Common Names: Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Ivy Description: Syngonium podophyllum albo-va...

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  • $33.99

    Syngonium 'Red Arrow'

    Botanical Name: Syngonium erythrophyllum 'Red Arrow' Common Names: Red Arrow, Arrowhead Vine Description: Syngonium erythrophyllum 'Red Arro...

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  • from $24.99

    Syngonium wendlandii 'Black Velvet'

    Botanical Name: Syngonium wendlandii  Common Names: Black Velvet Description: Syngoniums are very attractive indoor plants, and look especi...

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    from $24.99