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FREE Shipping on all orders!

The Houseplant GROW Bundle (Plant Food + ProBiotics + Watering Can)


Fulfilled by our friends at Instant Plant Food

Plant Food & ProBiotics for growing healthy houseplants. Give your plants the love they deserve!

What's included!...

  • (4) Houseplant Fertilizer/Plant Food Easy-Use TABLETS
  • (4) Houseplant ProBiotics & Mycorrhizae Easy-Use TABLETS
  • (1) 'Simply the Best' Houseplant WATERING CAN (1 Liter, Clear Plastic)

For feeding your collection of indoor plants. Our gentle 4-3-6 (N-P-K) Plant Food formula provides all the essential nutrients your indoor plants need along with trace micronutrients for a well-rounded plant diet. Our ProBiotics cultivate healthy, living soils with a specially crafted blend of 19 beneficial microbes including mycorrhizal fungi. This combination of Plant Food and ProBiotics promotes lush, healthy houseplant growth. The bubbling action of our tablets make them an easy, fun and climate-friendly way to feed your plants. EASY TO USE! No measuring, no mixing, no mess! Just drop in water and feed. Includes watering can.