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FREE Shipping on all orders!
FREE Shipping on all orders!

The Complete Plant Care Bundle (Plant Food + ProBiotics + Natural Pest Control)


Fulfilled by our friends at Instant Plant Food

What's Included!...

  • (4) Houseplant Fertilizer/Plant Food Easy-Use TABLETS
  • (4) Houseplant ProBiotics & Mycorrhizae Easy-Use TABLETS
  • (4) Houseplant Pest Control Easy-Use TABLETS: Naturally Treat Bugs & Prevent Pests

Feed your plants our gently formulated Plant Food that contains all the essential nutrients your plants need along with trace micronutrients required for a well-rounded, healthy plant diet. 4-3-6 NPK! Give your soil the ProBiotics to bring it to life so your plants can thrive naturally.  Treat (and prevent) houseplant pest attacks with our peppermint-based Pest Control formula crafted to fight powdery mildew and to repel bugs including aphids, ants, mites, mealy bugs, gnats, scales, and more - tough on pests but safe for people, plants and pets.