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FREE Shipping on all orders!
FREE Shipping on all orders!

Seed Starting Tray with Plant Juice and Seedling Mix


Fulfilled by our friends at Elm Dirt

Seed Starting Tray with Humidity Dome and 8 LED Grow Lights (2 blue + 6 white LEDs) 12 seed cells per tray. Also includes a bag of Elm Dirt Seedling Mix and Plant Juice.


Just like full spectrum sunlight, to provide the best results for seed germination. Each transparent dome has 4 adjustable circular vents, which can easily adjust the internal humidity and temperature by rotating the adjusters, which promotes air circulation and helps seeds grow.


We have two units available for purchase

  • 1 Unit Seedling Tray (12 seed cells), 1.5 lbs. Seedling Mix, 16 oz. Plant Juice 
  • 5 Unit Seedling Try (60 seed cells), 5lbs. Seedling Mix, 32 oz. Plant Juice, 12 Plant Tags, 2 Small Gardening Tools


Also includes plug-in for LED lights