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Hoya 'Keysii'


 Botanical Name: Hoya 'Keysii'

Common Name(s): Keys' Wax Plant, Keys' Hoya

Description: Hoya 'Keysii' is a striking, vining epiphyte known for its clusters of star-shaped, fragrant flowers and lush, green foliage. Native to tropical and subtropical regions, this plant thrives in warm, humid environments with indirect light. Its leaves are thick, waxy, and lance-shaped, providing a beautiful contrast to its delicate blooms, which typically appear in shades of pink, white, or red. Hoya 'Keysii' is a popular choice for hanging baskets or trellises, where its trailing vines can be showcased. It is relatively low-maintenance, requiring well-draining soil and moderate watering, making it an ideal plant for both novice and experienced gardeners.