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FREE Shipping on all orders!

Hoya Heart - "I Love You" Special Painted Hoya

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  • yBotanical Name: Hoya Kerrii
  • Common Names: Sweetheart, Lucky-heart
  • Description: The Hoya Sweetheart commonly called the wax plant is a non-blooming houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. The vines are wood-like and the leaves are waxy. Native to tropical Asia, these plants do well in warm weather. This single-leaf offering is a very slow grower but is also extremely hardy. It is ideal as a novelty gift as it is more of an ornament than a needy houseplant. *Please note the 4" plant will not grow vines as it is a leaf cutting. 

** Each 4-Inch Hoya Heart has "I Love You" and a floral design painted on the leaf using a plant-safe paint. The painted design will not come off when watering the plant but can be removed by rubbing it off with a cloth. Order by April 30 to guarantee delivery by Mother's Day!

***You will receive ONE of our many unique designs!