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FREE Shipping on all orders!
FREE Shipping on all orders!

The Community Speaks

Honest Reviews by Real Customers of House Plant Shop

Why choose House Plant Shop

Fair Prices

We promise to price our houseplants at the fairest price.

30 Day Plant Guarantee

Our houseplants are guaranteed for up to 30 days. All cases will be reviewed by our Customer Service Team. 

Care Guide Cards

Read up on plant care with our custom and fun care cards included with every order!


"Beauty. Very fine lines on the leaves I didn't even notice in pictures that add some unexpected visual interest. Arrived in perfect condition."


"Every plant I've ordered has arrived in good condition and has thrived after repotting it. I purchase my plants in the nursery pots. I will continue to purchase more from House Plant Shop in the future!"


"It’s a love hate situation! I love these plant all of them were well packed and shipped, and of course; my house looks amazing. However; the String of Pearl were only 2 strings. I bought a 4 inch por and literally I got 2 branches with a minimum root about 4 inches each. Now I’m trying to see if I’ll be able to promote it growth. But everything was amazing after all!"


"This was my first order from this business. I was a bit wary ordering online and shipping took so long (FedExs fault) I thought I was going to receive a beat up mostly dead plant. To my delight I opened the box to this beautiful, lush, huge plant! I'm in love. The picture is 1 hour after I recieved her."



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