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Orchid Care Guide

Phalaenopsis's are one of the easiest orchids to grow in the home. If you follow a few basic requirements, these plants will reward you with several months of beautiful blooms.


Light: Phalaenopsis are low light orchids and grow beautifully in near a window. Just keep it out of direct sunlight! If your plant does not re-bloom, increase the amount of light that it receives. Continue watering and fertilizing while waiting for the blooming cycle to begin!


Water: If your phalaenopsis is potted in bark watering once a week is generally sufficient. If your plant is potted in moss, water when the top feels dry. The amount of light and heat your plant receives will also affect how soon the plants need watering. Summer months will need more frequent watering, winter will need less. You will be able to tell by the weight of the pot whether or not it is time to water again.


Temperatures: It prefers temperatures between 60 and 70 F. (16 and 24 C.) but can tolerate a wider range, if necessary.