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ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temperatures below 50°F | FREE Shipping on all Orders!
ADD HEAT PACK if experiencing temps. below 50°F | FREE Shipping on all Orders!
  • from $39.99

    Apoballis 'Purple Sword'

    Botanical Name: Apoballis acuminatissima 'Lavallaei' Common Name(s): Apoballis Purple Sword, Homalomena Purple Sword Description: A beautif...

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    from $39.99
  • from $29.99

    Philodendron 'Fuzzy Petiole'

    Botanical Name: Philodendron nangaritense Common Name(s): Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole Description: Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole is a very popu...

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    from $29.99
  • $29.99

    Philodendron 'Wendlandii'

    Botanical Name: Philodendron 'wendlandii' Common Name(s): Philodendron 'wendlandii' Description: A rare, velvet-leaf variety of philodendro...

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  • from $34.99

    Scindapsus 'Moonlight'

    Botanical Name: Scindapsus Treubii 'Moonlight' Common Name(s): Sterling Silver, Moonlight Description: Sterling Silver Scindapsus, or bo...

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    from $34.99