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25% OFF ENTIRE SITE! *Discount automatically applied at checkout
25% OFF ENTIRE SITE! *Discount automatically applied at checkout


Our wide variety of pet-friendly plants are perfect for those who share their homes with curious canines and other furry friends. The Pet-Friendly Collection provides a non-toxic option to keep even the most mischievous pets happy and healthy.
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    Hoya Rope Plant

    Botanical Name: Hoya Hindu Rope Common Name(s): Hindu Rope, Porcelain Flower, Wax Plant, Honey Plant, Krinkle Curl Description: Unique Hind...

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    Staghorn Fern

    Botanical Name: Platycerium bifurcatum Common Name(s): Staghorn fern, Elkhorn fern Description: Native to Java and southeastern Austral...

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    Mimosa Pudica 'Sensitive Plant'

    Botanical Name: Mimosa Pudica Common Names: Sensitive Plant, Touch-me-not, Sleepy plant Description: The leaves of a sensitive plant are lined...

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    Maranta 'Silver Band'

    Botanical Name: Maranta Leuconeura 'Silver Band' Common Names: Prayer Plant  Description: Maranta Silver Band is a gorgeous variety of Maran...

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    Calathea 'Musaica'

    Botanical Name: Calathea 'Musaica' Common Names: Calathea network Description: Calathea musaica, which is also commonly referred to as "Networ...

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    from $25.99