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FREE Shipping On All Orders!
FREE Shipping On All Orders!
  • $25.99

    Xanthosoma 'Lendenii'

    Botanical Name: Xanthosoma lindenii Magnificum Common Name(s): Angel Wing Description: Native to Columbia, Xanthosoma lindenii is a grea...

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  • $23.99

    Cyclamen 'Assorted'

    Botanical Name: Cyclamen persicum  Common Name(s): Alpine Violet, Persian Violet, and Sowbread. Description: Cyclamen have a tuber, from...

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  • $29.99

    Castanospermum 'Lucky Bean'

    Botanical Name: Castanospermum Australe Common Name(s): Moreton Bay chestnut, Black Bean Description: This rare plant sprouts from large...

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  • $32.99

    Ficus 'El Dorado'

    Botanical Name: Ficus bejamina 'Eldorado' Common Name(s): Variegated Weeping Fig, El Dorado Description: Ficus 'Benjamina El Dorado', or...

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  • $19.99

    Starfish Cactus (Stapelia orbea variegata)

    Botanical Name: Stapelia orbea variegata Common Names: Starfish Cactus, Starfosh Flower Description: Orbea variegata is commonly known as Sta...

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