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Zilla Fresh Air Screen Reptile Habitat - Ideal for Chameleons, Crested Geckos, and More


Fulfilled by our friends at Dog Hugs Cat

Create a tropical paradise for your beloved reptile with the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Reptile Habitat. Crafted to cater to the needs of tree-dwelling reptiles, this habitat provides an open-air circulation system that mimics their natural environment. Ideal for chameleons, crested geckos, anoles, and day geckos, this durable screen cage offers a sanctuary where your reptiles can thrive.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Habitat boasts an anodized aluminium frame that ensures long-lasting sturdiness. The tough black mesh is escape-proof, adding an extra layer of security for your pets. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the water-resistant PVC bottom, while the cord access port allows for convenient wiring of power cords and other accessories.

Bring the wild indoors and watch your reptiles bask in the tropical and desert fresh air environments tailored specifically for them. Easy to assemble and available in two sizes - Small (18"L x 12"W x 20"H) and Large (30"L x 18"W x 30"H) - this habitat is versatile and caters to a wide variety of small reptiles.

Elevate your reptile's living space with the Zilla Fresh Air Screen Reptile Habitat, where durability, functionality, and aesthetics intersect seamlessly. Note: This product includes the cage only; plants and decorations are not included.