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LED Grow Light 1000W 380-800nm Plant Grow Light With Bloom and Veg Dimmer Dual Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg - White by VYSN

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LED Plant Grow Lights are ideal for indoor plant growth. In general, house plants and flowers, due to the lack of natural light, with time, worse, and by using the Fresh Fab Finds 1000W LED Plant Grow Lights with the required Red Blue Spectrum (light quality combination) of the plant, it can not only promote their growth, but also extend the flowering and to improve the quality of the flower. As a supplement to sunlight, especially in the winter time.

*Simulate Sunlight Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light: Fresh Fab Finds Upgraded full-spectrum LED Grow Light simulates the solar spectrum and it contains all necessary lights (380nm-800nm) that plants need for optimum growth. Ideal for indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages.
*VEG & Bloom Dimmer: The VEG dimmer changes the brightness level of the blue and white LED needed for germinating seedlings and promoting early vegetation cycle. The BLOOM dimmer changes the brightness of the red LED needed for flowering and fruiting stage. VEG and BLOOM dimmer can be used together with 100% brightness to obtain maximum growth performance throughout the seeding and flowering stages of your plants.
*Good Heat Dissipation: Using 5mm thickness integral aluminum radiators instead of multiple dispersed radiators for better heat dissipation. The integrated aluminum radiator is located in the middle of the LED lamp so you can see part of it, but not the whole, aluminum radiator is located on the panel inside the lamp, it cooling effect is better and better.
*Daisy Chain Function: This 1000w LED grow light with Daisy Chained design which supports 3 lamps at most connect in Parallel at the same time. Kindly note the actual power draw limited to 1000w for daisy chain.
*Widely Use: Made of high quality aluminum and PC materials, this light is rather sturdy and durable. Can be used to grow houseplants, vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs. Perfect for green houses. If you want better growing result, please turn to this LED grow light. Comes with hook, firm and stable, easy to install and use.

Brand: Fresh Fab Finds
Item Type: LED Grow Lamp
Light Chip Quantity: 100PCS, Single Light Chip 10W(Dual Chips)
Wave Length: 380nm-800nm
Light Color: Red 68PCS; Blue 12PCS; W 6PCS; WW 8PCS; UV 2PCS; IR 4PCS
Wavelength: Red 620-630nm; Blue 450nm; Pure White 6000K; Warm White 3000K; UV 380nm; IR 730nm
Power: 1000W
Brightness: 6300lm
LED Ratio: Double Switch VED/BLOOM
Input Voltage: 85-265V 
Plug Type: US Plug
Waterproof Rating: IP42
Working Environment: -20-40℃, 45%RH-90%RH
Service Life: 50000 Hours
Power Cord Length: 1.5m/4.92ft
Material: Aluminum + PC
Color: White
Item Size: Approx. 31.0 x 21.0 x 4.5cm / 12.2 x 8.3 x 1.8inch 
Item Weight: Approx. 1786g/3.94lbs
Package Size: Approx. 36.5 x 30.0 x 6.5cm/14.37 x 11.81 x 2.56inch
Package Weight: 2170g/4.78lbs

1 x LED Grow Lamp
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Hanging Rope
1 x English Manual