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10Pcs Seed Starter Tray Kit Reusable Overall 120Cells Seeding Propagator Station Greenhouse Growing Germination Tray with Humidity Dome Label 2Pcs Gar - Green by VYSN

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For seed, they are so delicate that they need an appropriate space to improve the capability to absorb water and minerals. Our 10Pcs seed starter kit can help to improve seed germination rate and survival rate, so it is a must-have for everyone who likes gardening. We can help you start seeding easily and efficiently. The 4Pcs adjustable vents in the seed tray enable you to regulate the temperature and humidity of the seedling environment. The transparent tray allows you to closely observe the whole process of seed growth. Through proper drainage during plant growth, root supersaturation can be reduced, helping to maintain the moisture and moisture required for optimal root growth. Use simple and fun ways to cultivate your mind. Seedling tray can also be given as a practical gift to your kids or friends

*Reusable Seed Starter Tray: Seed starter tray is made of premium PET and PP materials, durable and unbreakable. What’s more, it’s reusable, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion-resistant, water-saving, and dry-resistant. The thickened base edge material can withstand the pressure without losing soil or absorb a lot of water and effectively planting seeds.

*4Pcs Humidity Control Vents: Come with 4Pcs adjustable vents and they attach on the tray cover, our tray will help you to control the temperature and moist of your seedling environment, so you have total control over the germination process.

*Keep Roots Healthy: With a ditch hole below of every compartment for appropriate drainage, decrease roots oversaturating. It is an incredible way to raise a wonderful and healthy garden. 

*12Pcs Separate Seed Slots Per Tray: This seed tray kit is suitable for both small and large seeds and used in vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and other agricultural farming. Perfect for root growth, plant development, plant starter, and seed germination.

*Perfect Partner For Heating Mat: Heat resistant up to 140℉, these seedling trays are strong enough to be used on a heat mat and no-worry about melting. Come with labels and dual garden tools, they help you mark the vegetables and planting. Highly transparent plastic cover and compartment tray, it allow you to observe easily and record the growth of your plant. Enjoy the happiness of plant growth.

Brand: Fresh Fab Finds
Product Type: Seed Starter Tray
Color: Green
Materials: PET; PP Garden Tool
Humidity Holes Quantity: 4Pcs
Heat Resistant: Up To 60℃/140℉
Per Vent Size: 5.5x5.5x0.5cm/2.17x2.17x0.2in
Per Humidity Cover Size: 18x14x4.8cm/7.09x5.52x1.89in
Per Planted Compartment Tray Size: 17.2x13.2x5.2cm/6.77x5.2x2.05in
Per Compartment Slot Size: 3.5x3.5x5cm/1.38x1.38x1.97in
Compartment Slot Quantity Per Seed Starter Tray: 12Pcs
Per Bottom Water Tray Size: 13.6x17.7x5.9cm/5.35x6.97x2.33in
Per Tag Size: 9.2x1.7x0.1cm/3.62x0.67x0.04in
Plant Spoon Size: 2.3x15.7x1.8cm/0.9x6.18x0.71in
Plant Spoon Weight: 10g/0.03lbs
Plant Shovel Size: 2.7x16.5x1cm/1.06x6.5x0.4in
Plant Shovel Weight: 6g/0.01lbs
Per Assembled Seed Starter Size: 18x13.7x10.3cm/7.08x5.4x4.06in
Per Assembled Seed Starter Weight: 89g/0.2lbs
Package Size: 19x15x19.5cm/7.48x5.9x7.68in
Package Weight: 1061g/2.34lbs

10x Air Vents
10x Humidity Covers
10x Planted Compartments
10x Water Trays
10x Labels
1x Plant Spoon
1x Plant Shovel