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FREE Shipping on all orders!

12 Tillandsia Air Plant Variety Pack with Spray Bottle



12 Tillandsia Air Plants and a spray bottle, an assortment of 12 different air plant species of all shapes and sizes. Use the easy to use spray bottle to mist the air plants weekly. The pack will include large air plants up to 7 inches in size!

Please note air plants are chosen under the packer's discretion so some varieties that are shown may not be included, but you will be receiving 12 different air plants! Air plants that may be included but are not limited to: 

  • Ionantha Guatemala
  • Fuchsii
  • Kolby
  • Bulbosa
  • Brachycaulos
  • Butzii
  • Harrisii
  • Juncea
  • Stricta
  • Tricolor
  • Tenuifolia
  • Caput-Medusae
  • Schiedeana