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March is the Month for Air Plants!

March is the Month for Air Plants!

There's no better time for Air Plants than the month that starts off the Spring season.

Here at House Plant Shop, we have dedicated the month of March to everything Air Plants. From small accessories that help care for the air plants to unique air plant hangers the store is highlighting one of our favorite collections all month long. Explore the full air plant collection HERE

Air Plants themselves are unique, easy to care for indoor plants. They surprisingly are very hearty and only need water and light to thrive. (No Soil Necessary) 

Coming in all shapes and sizes, we're sure that everyone can enjoy a small bundle or a large collection of air plants at the office or in the house. 

Just so you can be a confident air plant parent, here's is a quick overview on caring for your air plants.

Water: Most Air Plants will be their healthiest with a weekly watering. If you see the plants drying out, submerge the Air Plant in a bowl of water upside down up to an hour. Repeat weekly.

Air: Air is an important component of the health of an Air Plant. All Air Plants live off the air and will be healthier in a terrarium that is not enclosed. Place your Air Plant at a distance from your heater or cooler to avoid drying out the plant.

Light: We recommend placing your Air Plant near a window with direct sunlight.

You can also use fertilizer once a month to spruce up your air plants. This air plant food is potent so be sure not to use it too frequently. Shop Fertilizer HERE


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