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How much water does your plant need?

How much water does your plant need?


Water is the source of life. Made up of hydrogen and oxygen, water is needed for pretty much everything living, including houseplants. 


Watering plants aren't difficult. Follow the plants care guide tips below and adjust watering as necessary. Watering plants the optimal amount is key to keeping the plant thriving.

Depending on the environment and time of year, different watering amounts will be needed. 


Water to the plant's native environment.

If the plant is native to a tropical area, be sure to water the plant generously. If it more like a succulent or snake plant, be sure to keep the soil on the drier side.


Touch the soil.

When touching the soil, notice if the soil is dry and firm or moist and soft. If it's starting to dry and harden, be sure to water the plant. 



Overwatering is one of the biggest mistakes when watering a plant. Many plants need a lot less water then you think and go for a fair amount of time without water. Touch the soil and if the soil is still soft and moist, it should be okay without a watering. 




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