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Have you chosen the right potting soil for your plants?

Have you chosen the right potting soil for your plants?

Why choose potting soil?

  • Better for home plants growing in containers. 
  • Better fits all species of potted houseplants.
  • Lessen the chance of plant diseases. 

What are some benefits of potting soil:

  1. Nutrients – potting soil provides all of the nutrients which your plants need to thrive.
  2. Airiness - potting soil is much lighter and fluffy. Plant roots can get better air and oxygen ventilation. 
  3. Moisture – potting soil can keep balance between airiness and water level. They not only prevent mold and rot issues happening, but also store some moisture for the plant’s root.
  4. Structure – potting soil has a consistency to immobilize the plant’s root system, in case the plant will fall over or be torn out. 

So, have you chosen the right potting soil for your plants?

No worries, we here for you. Our potting mix is the perfect blend of ingredients for potted houseplants of all species. Our premium soil retains moisture and goes well with most of our houseplants. Feel free to check our related product. 

Succulent and Cacti Potting Soil - 1 lb Bag

Potting Soil - 1 lb Bag


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Happy potting! 

House Plant Shop Team. 



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