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Greenery Unlimited

Self-watering Planters

Greenery Unlimited

Self-Watering Planter

Houseplants bring us immense joy but it also takes up so much of our physical time and mental space with questions like- when did I last water the plants? Why does its leaves look like this?, etc, you get the picture.
Houseplants mostly grow in forest regions surrounding the equator which have consistent temperatures all year long, so naturally houseplants are more adapted to consistency than change. Inconsistent watering schedule could lead to unhappy plants, this may affect the Houseplant’s overall appearance or it may not grow correctly. The Self-watering Planters takes away the guesswork of when you last watered your plants and helps regulate your watering schedule! Self-watering planters are also great for travelers or busy bodies who enjoy houseplants but have other priorities. The Greenery Unlimited Ceramic Self-watering planters come in stylish shapes, a variety of colors and sizes.  

The Science behind Self-Watering.

"The science behind why sub irrigation and self watering planters work comes down to some basic botany. Plants absorb water through osmosis and move it throughout the plant using capillary action and water potential differences. This whole process is called transpiration. When roots don’t have regular contact with water, they can’t effectively draw enough water to retain the rigidity of plants which is why you may see your peace lily drooping when it gets too dry. As any experienced plant parent can tell you, there are many environmental factors that go into how fast or slow a plant is transpiring and using water (light, heat, humidity are just a few). This is why sub-irrigation is truly the easiest way to ensure plants have enough access to water-- the reservoir allows them to process water as needed. On darker, damper days the plant will require less water than on hot, dry days. By having access to the reservoir, the plant doesn't need to rely on a human care giver to make incremental changes in watering to compensate for changing environmental conditions. "
- Greenery Unlimited

How to Set-up Self-watering Planters

Step 1
Place the Sub-Irrigation Insert inside the planter, ensuring it sits evenly. Pour the included Aeration Stones over the insert until it is covered.

Step 2
Gently remove your plant from its existing pot and place it within your new planter. If necessary, put some dirt into the bottom of the pot so that the base of the plant aligns with the top lip of the planter, allowing for a half inch to an inch of clearance. You'll want to make sure that when fully planted the soil mass is slightly below the top of the planter.

Step 3
Add soil to fill your planter and gently compact it to ensure the plant is secure in the pot. Water the soil thoroughly and set the planter on the provided saucer reservoir.- Greenery Unlimited

What is Sub-Irrigation?

"Sub-irrigation is a method by which plants are watered from below, instead of above. Our self watering planters use this method with a patented sub-irrigation insert that allows soil to maintain a consistent moisture level at the base of the pot, and for thirsty plants (looking at you Ficus family) the roots can grow through the insert and directly into the reservoir for continuous access to water and nutrients."
- Greenery Unlimited

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