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A guide for choosing containers for your plants

A guide for choosing containers for your plants

    • The importance of matching containers with your plants is that the proper containers can help growth for your plants while making them look great. Thus, the size of the container is dependent on the size of the plant. 
      • Make sure that the dimensions of the pot you are looking for can fit in your plant
      • Then choose materials, types and colors, which you like


    • The most fittable pots should have drainage holes on the bottoms. The function of these holes is to drain excess water when watering the pot. If the water keeps stored at the bottom of a pot, it will lead to the root-rot issue and kill your plant.


    • Don’t forget to clean your pots regularly. Keeping pots clean is helpful to prevent diseases. Especially, you want to reuse a pot, please clean it well both inside and outside.

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