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African Violet

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Color: Purple
  • Botanical NameSaintpaulia ionantha
  • Common NamesAfrican Violet
  • DescriptionThe African Violet is a small, herbaceous perennial plant native to Tanzania and southeastern Kenya. It is known for its velvety, heart-shaped leaves and its delicate, colorful flowers that bloom in shades of purple, pink, blue, and white. The plant typically grows to be around 6-8 inches tall and wide, making it a great choice for indoor spaces as a tabletop or windowsill plant. African Violets require bright, indirect light and consistent watering to thrive, preferring slightly moist soil. They are popular for their stunning blooms and ease of care, making them a favorite among indoor gardeners. The plant is also known for its air-purifying properties, helping to remove toxins from the air and create a healthier living environment.