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Care Guide

Yucca Care

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Meet Yucca

Yucca elephantipes, also known as Yucca guatemalensis, spineless Yucca or giant Yucca, is a large succulent that grows in U.S. It is also widely grown as a houseplant in other areas. The Yucca tree has several long, green, sword-shaped leaves sticking out from the top of a brown multi stemmed trunk. Indoors the yucca trees get up to 10 feet tall, and outdoor specimens reach up to 30 feet.

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Yucca plants grow best in bright indirect light. A Yucca can survive indoors in lower light but will need very little water. The slow-growing yucca will be even slower to produce new leaves in low to medium light. An ideal location is near a west, east, or south-facing window.

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A Yucca plant originates in the deserts of Mexico and Guatemala so it likes to be kept dry. Allow at least the top 50% of the soil of a to dry out before watering. Overwatering is the main and probably the only way to kill a Yucca.

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A Yucca can adapt to temperatures as low as 35° F and as high as 90° F.

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   Common Problems Q&A

 Why are my leaves turning yellow?

The most likely cause of yellowing leaves is over watering. You can help with this issue by only water your Yucca plant when the top 50% of soil is dry. When watering your plant it is important to check the dryness of the soil rather than solely relying on a schedule. 

How do I know my Yucca plant is receiving enough light?

Weirdly enough one of the first signs your Yucca plant may need more light is the leaves turning more green. This happens because the plant produces more chlorophyll to make up for the lack of sunlight. However shortly after leaves will turn yellow. Try placing your plant near a window where it will receive bright, indirect light.

Why does my Yucca plant have leaf spots?

Yucca plants can withstand temperatures between 35°F and 90°F. Excessive temperatures can cause stress to your plant and cause these leaf spots. If you live in a colder climate be sure to keep your plants indoors during the winter to prevent further issues.  

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