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Care Guide

Cordyline Care

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Meet Cordyline

The Cordyline Plant typically has leathery leaves shaped like a spear with a variety of colors including green, red, yellow, white, purple, and purplish-red. Caring for these plants indoors is simple and straightforward, but they must be kept warm and they need a lot of light.

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Cordyline needs bright light, but avoid direct sunlight in unhabituated plants. Also, green-leaved Cordyline tends to do best with direct light, while those with other colored leaves may prefer bright indirect or filtered sunlight.

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It is important to keep the soil continuously moist. Reduce watering during the winter and water your plant whenever the soil surface starts to feel dry.

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Cordyline thrives in temperatures above 62° F and prefers a high humidity environment. Avoid putting the plant near a cold draft like a window, especially if the temperature drops lower than 62° F. These are jungle plants, so if you're experiencing leaf drop, try raising both the temperature and humidity.

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   Common Problems Q&A

Why are my leaves yellow?

This may be a sign your plant is receiving too little water. You don't want the soil to be soggy but you do want to keep it moist. Make sure to water your plant when the top soil is dry.  

What type of soil does my Cordyline need?

Cordyline needs a rich, well-drained high-quality potting mix with a pH of 6 to 6.5. If you move the plant outdoors during warmer months, make sure the outdoor soil drains well and any threat of frost has passed. 

Why are my leaves Turning brown and drying out?

This is usually a sign the plant is under watered or too dry. Try watering your plant and placing it somewhere with more humidity.

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Cordyline Glauca - House Plant Shop
Cordyline Glauca - House Plant Shop

Cordyline Glauca

  • Botanical Name: Cordyline Fruticosa Glauca
  • Common Name(s): Cordyline Glauca, Green Ti Plant, Soledad Purple Cordyline
  • Description: This Cordyline is an attractive plant, forming dense upright clusters of rich, deep green foliage. Leaves are bright green and strap-like, with new growth emerging in a deep purple shade. Similar to Dracaenas, they will lose the lower leaves to help promote growth to the top leaves. 
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