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This is how our Operations associate spends his time off.

This is how our Operations associate spends his time off.

A Orange County native and California State University, LA alum- Davis Iwata leads the daily operations here at Houseplant Shop. Since joining our team in June, 2018- we've been able to lay back a little and let him take charge. 

Here is how he spends his 6-8. 

Is there any specific trait you look for in plants? How do plants help promote your well-being and mindfulness?

Since my room doesn’t get a ton of sunlight, I choose plants that will live in a mostly shaded space. Having these plants in my room supports my well-being because it keeps the air refreshing which helps with keeping a clear head when I’m working at my desk.

Which plant is your favorite? 

Out of all of my plants, my favorite would be the ficus burgundy. I really like the dark green leaves and the new red growth sprouts that come out of the top. I also really look forward for my ficus to grow taller and have more leaves start to branch out and fill up the space it is in.

How do you maintain your plants so well? Any tips you can share with us? 

It is important for anyone caring for plants to check them daily. They are living things and after you get to know them, you will start to notice how they like to be cared for. I like to check the leaves and the soil for the dryness in order to figure out if it needs watering. If the leaves start to wilt or start to lose their rigidity, it’s most likely asking to be watered. I prefer to water my plants the second I see them starting to droop rather than watering them on a set schedule.

With sunlight, it is important to know how much sunlight your plant likes to be in. Too much will burn the leaves and cause the plant to shrivel up. Too little and the leaves may start to lose their vibrancy and eventually drop.

I like to use any soil that is a well-draining soil. Root rot is a common problem for houseplants and can be easily avoided with a proper watering schedule and well-draining soil.

As you know, most beginners prefer having some plants, that are easy to grow and low maintenance- Do you have any recommendations for them to grow as their first indoor plant?

Some plants that I would recommend for any beginner of houseplants would be: snake plants, zz plants, and pothos since all of these plants do very well in a wide range of light settings. One thing to remember as a houseplant beginner would be to start small and work your way up as you gain more plant experience. It’s super rewarding to see your little plant grow and to constantly have more leaves and branches sprouting.

Just like how pet parents spoil their pets, do you spoil you plants?

I wouldn't use the word spoil but i do indulge in some plant accessories- after all, i do work at a plant company so we are constantly getting new products and gadgets to test out and we only like selling products that we believe in so everyone at the office takes home their favorite new arrivals to test before we launch it on HPS website. We recently got the LED grow kit, which waters and provides artificial light for plants and I've been loving it for my herbs. 

How do you unwind after work and all that customer service email? 

I love doing customer service because it lets me connect with our customers first hand but sometimes it can get hectic, I'm a 90's kid so i love my video game. Thats my way of unwinding after a long day at work. Also cooking! 

Next time you call us or send us an email, you'll be able to better match the voice to the man. 

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