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FREE Shipping on all orders!
FREE Shipping on all orders!
Our Green House and Shipping Process.

Our Green House and Shipping Process.


Dear House Plant Shop Customers, 

Come take a peak inside our Greenhouse in Southern California and while at it- learn a little about our packing/shipping process. 

Our teeny but mighty Greenhouse packs and ships about 800-1000 orders per day, 5 days a week. And just like our homes, its packed to the brim with house plants! Having started from a garage office with a makeshift backyard Green House, this greenhouse makes us want to scream “Mama, I made it!”.

Talking about blast from the past, I hope none of you remember our initial packaging but look at us (or the packaging) now! We’ve tried and tested varies methods to ensure quality product upon delivery and we believe that we have almost perfected the formula down, we just need the sous chef (USPS, girl come on, lets get it together!) to do their part. 

Heres a quick video on how your orders are securely packed for the long journey ahead to their(your) homes.


All of this wouldn’t have happened without the support of the House Plant community- thank you to our customers and non-customers for fostering our passion for House Plants, our shared passion has brought us together and will continue to do so. We hope to grow with you, as our plants have too. 


The House Plant Shop Team

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