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Monstera Plant Food

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Houseplant Resource Center Special Plant Food for Monstera House Plants. NPK 5-2-3 Ratio

Grow big bold plants that complement your home’s tropical feel when you use Monstera Plant Food. Specifically formulated for Monstera Plants, it promotes proper leaf development and root growth.

NPK RATIO of 5-2-3 supports strong, healthy, and vibrant Swiss Cheese Plants with enormous, deep-green leaves. Through a balanced nitrogen response, it helps your Monstera Plant thrive and flourish. Unlike the inconsistent application of granular plant food, Monstera Liquid Plant Food delivers fortifying nutrients throughout the plant.

For easy preparation and treatment. Add a teaspoon of Monstera Plant Food to 2 cups of water and apply with normal watering every 2 weeks to grow rich, hardy Monstera Plants year-round.