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Dried Wild Morel Mushrooms by North Spore


Fulfilled by our friends at North Spore

Morels are a culinary favorite due to their delicate, yet meaty texture. Harbingers of spring, they are often described as earthy, woodsy, and nutty with a hint of mild smokiness. (The darker, the smokier!) They are versatile and add great depth of flavor to any dish that includes them. A simple sauté of morels and asparagus is a seasonal favorite when they're both piled high at the farmers' market.

To reconstitute, rinse with water to clean. Next, completely cover in warm water, wine, or stock for 30 minutes (squeezing them every few minutes towards the end to make sure they're not going mushy). When ready, press out the excess liquid before using, reserving the richly-flavored soaking liquid for soups, stocks, and sauces. Add hydrated morels directly to recipes, or brown them in oil or butter to bring out more flavor.

North Spore dried wild mushrooms are wildcrafted and foraged from North American forests.