Dracaena 'Combo' - FREE Care Guide - 6" Pot - HARD TO KILL


1 - Dracaena 'Combo' in 6" pot 
1 - Dracaena Care guide


Dracaena's are some of the easiest and most common houseplants available. Dracaena can tolerate low light conditions but will do better in medium to high light. Only water your Dracaena plant when the surface of the soil gets dry. This Dracaena Combo is a mix of Dracaena Marginata Cane, Dracena Lemon Lime, and Croton Gold Dust.


EASY CARE: Dracaena are some of the easiest Plants to care for and difficult to kill.
HOUSE PLANT: Dracaena are popular housePlants and will do great indoors.
CARE GUIDE: A free care guide is included with every order to help you take care of your Plants.
FAST SHIPPING: Your Plants include expedited shipping ensuring a healthy vibrant plant arrives at your doorstep.

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