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FREE Shipping On All Orders!

Hamama Microgreens Starter Kit

Grow Nutricious, Delicious Microgreens

Microgreens Vs. Sprouts

Sprouts and microgreens look very similar, but are actually two different stages in a plant's life! Microgreens are the intermediate stage between the sprouts and the baby greens. They grow in about 7-14 days. Because microgreens are grown in a medium and not directly soaking in water, microgreens are less susceptible to bacterial contamination than sprouts. Microgreens are also often considered to offer more developed flavor and texture than sprouts. Sprouts are the beginning of growth. The sprout stage is the 2-4 days of growth after germination. With Hamama Seed Quilts, the sprout stage happens underneath the Seed Quilt cover.

Hamama Seed Quilts

Meet Your Microgreens!

Super Salad Mix

A lovely mix of sweet, mild, and subtly peppery (arugula) greens

Hearty Broccoli (Organic)

Mild, fresh, & slightly bitter

Energizing Kale (Organic)

Similar flavor to adult Kale, but slightly milder & sweeter with a subtle nutty aftertaste

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