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FLASH SALE! 20% off Father's Day collection use code FLASH20, ends 6/2 | FREE Shipping On All Orders!
FLASH SALE! 20% off Father's Day collection use code FLASH20, ends 6/2 | FREE Shipping On All Orders!

Rosy Indoor Potting Soil

  • NUTRIENT DENSE: Boosts soil aeration, drainage, and nutrient uptake to help houseplants flourish
  • RESEALABLE: Plant-based packaging in convenient sizes for indoor plant parents
  • SUSTAINABLE: Made from eco-friendly, high-quality ingredients (biochar, compost, mycorrhizae, pine bark fines) and is free from peat & synthetic additives.
  • LIVING SOIL: Fortified with beneficial fungi & microbes to help promote healthy root development and lush foliage
  • MISSION-DRIVEN: Our carbon-neutral blend helps fight climate change and is perfect for all types of houseplants, including foliage plants, flowers, ferns, herbs, and tropicals


Carbon-Negative Biochar

Biochar, the core of our house plant soil mix, enhances the soil’s nutrient and water retention. 

It also improves soil porosity (which enables plant roots’ development and prevents root rot). 

This creates the best conditions for your houseplant to flourish!

Each ton of biochar produced captures three tons of CO2 from the carbon cycle, preventing it from contributing to climate change. 

This makes it an ideal, earth-friendly soil amendment — unlike conventional houseplant soil ingredients like peat moss, coconut coir (coco coir), perlite, and vermiculite. 

Root Boosting Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae (mahy-kuh-rahy-zee) are houseplant friendly fungi that create a beneficial fungal structure on plant roots. 

How does that help?

It improves your plant’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, allowing them to make the most of our fertile indoor potting soil.

Moreover, mycorrhizae release a gum-like substance called glomalin that helps to further lock in moisture and nutrients. 

Pine Bark Fines

Pine bark fines are a natural, eco-friendly ingredient that improves the texture and structure of our indoor plant soil mix.

The small, finely ground pieces of pine bark increase the porosity of the soil, allowing for better air flow and water drainage. This supports healthy root growth, prevents root rot, and enhances nutrient uptake, ultimately leading to thriving houseplants.

Pine bark fines are sustainably sourced from the byproducts of the timber industry, reducing waste and supporting a circular economy


Our aged compost adds abundant organic matter to the indoor plant soil mix, improving the soil structure and drainage. 

It’s also a natural source of essential plant nutrients, like nitrogen and potassium. This reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, which acidify soil and harm soil microbes when used excessively. 

More broadly, composting upcycles organic waste that normally goes to landfills and emits greenhouse gasses.