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Begonia Mocca Deep Orange

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  • Botanical Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida

  • Common Name: Mocca Deep Orange Tuberous

  • Description:  Big, double blossoms on upright, bushy plants with bronzed foliage that is slightly more heat tolerant than most tuberous begonias–that describes the Non-Stop Mocha Mix. They belong to the Tuberhybrida Group, a collection of begonia hybrids derived from mountain-growing species native to the South American Andes. Plants arise in spring from winter-dormant root tubers and flower in the full-color array, of the Non-Stop Series, from white through yellow and orange to red. These extravagant flowers are produced from summer to mid-autumn and are set among open, succulent stems across the plant. They are produced in a cluster of three buds, with two smaller female flowers next to the larger, usually double, and showier male flower. Leaves are fleshy, jagged and pointed, glossy and dark or medium green in color, many with flashes of red or bronze.