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How to keep
your Cats away from  Houseplants.

Cats and Houseplants. 

It's no secret that we have cats in our house (which also doubles as our office), you might’ve seen them in our promotional videos or instagram stories, they’re very much a part of House Plant Shop’s ecosystem- they make their daily rounds in the office, making sure that everyone takes a minute to relax, helping our employees relieve stress. As you read, many of you might be wondering how we manage to stop our cats from chewing and attacking our plants, and the secret is citrus!

Cats hate citrus. I first noticed this when my cat Ponyo would squint his eyes (almost like how we look when cutting onions) whenever I would eat clementine in his presence, or when i let him smell the peel, repulsed he would dart out of the room to only come back hours later once the smell had cleared the room. So naturally when I noticed my cats nibbling on my Janet Craig (its Ponyo’s favorite, whilst Ms. Kiki prefers stringy plants like palms) I immediately began looking for my citrus oil. With just a few drops with water in a mister, i began misting my plants like madwomen and to my surprise- it worked! The cats took a few sniffs, one was even brave enough to chew on a stringy palm but quickly realized the foul (to them, to me it's heaven!) smell. 

e also leave orange peels or whole orange cut in slices in our pots to deter the cats from digging the pot soils. You don’t have to worry about using citrus since it doesn’t harm you cats but the smell is pungent enough to dissuade cats, who naturally have a stronger sense of smell than us humans. 

    Additionally, one trick that we have yet to try is cat grass. Leaving.      cat grass next to plants can apparently stop the cats from chewing        on houseplants, we’re not sure why but if you try it out then let us        know! 

PSA: Essential oils are not safe for cats and dogs! Please use with discretion!